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Though many individuals with disabilities (special abilities) attend  college or university, they usually do not get the chance to participate in sports.  So many of these students just want to be part of a "school sports team". The focus of U.N.I.T.E is to bridge this gap by establishing amazing opportunities for students with special abilities  through the creation of their own sports teams.  These teams are either led by or coached by traditional undergraduate students.



Current Schools


U.N.I.T.E is a non-profit organization that focuses on giving college and university students with intellectual and developmental disabilities the opportunity to play sports and represent their school. Donations are used by schools to create new programs, as well as fund inter-collegiate special events.

U.N.I.T.E is a volunteer-based organization whose volunteers main focus is to provide unique, fascinating and fun opportunities to students with special abilities.


Current Schools

Current Schools

Current Schools

U.N.I.T.E's vision was originally created through a sports program offered at Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, NY.  This year we have held 2 bowling tournaments that had over 90 athletes participate from the following schools: Roberts Wesleyan College, Monroe Community College, Hobart William Smith, Finger Lakes Community College, and St. John Fisher College.

The goal is to expand this offering to many more schools, creating new and exciting programs and  competitions, by empowering students with special abilities through the strength of inclusion.

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 U.N.I.T.E  is 100% funded through donations and grants. Without your support  U.N.I.T.E  is unable to offer these students amazing opportunities and continue growth of the program to new schools.  Your generous donation will fund our mission. 

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Athlete Experiences


Lily — Roberts Wesleyan College

"I love being able to be a part of a team here at Roberts and be able to represent my school and who I am as a person and what I can accomplish. Even though I was not very good at bowling my favorite part was being able to spend time with my friends and support them. I am already good at swimming so this helps me improve my leadership and coaching skills."


Josh - Roberts Wesleyan College

"My favorite part about swimming is jumping in, exercising even though it is tough. I liked being on a team to meet new people. My favorite thing about bowling is getting to test out my strengths."


Patrick - Roberts Wesleyan College

"It means a lot to have a great program where we learn new skills, tactics, and strategies. I like doing front flips under the water while swimming. During bowling I like throwing strikes. I love having the opportunity to continually improve and spend time with my friends.


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